Monday, November 27, 2006

18K Gold "Branches" Ring

Lucky Magazine and Branch are making a special effort to support AIDS research during the months of November and December. During this time, 60% of all sales proceeds of the 18k gold "branches" ring will be donated to the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative.

Company explanation:

Donation: 60% of proceeds

Nonprofit beneficiary: International AIDS Vaccine Initiative

Use of funds: Ensure the development of safe, effective, accessible, preventive HIV vaccines for use throughout the world.

When: Through 12/31/06

YouthAIDS "Grapefruit" Hand and Body Cleanser

Kiehl's has a historical position with helping the cure and cause of AIDS by virtue of its involvement with countless AIDS related charities. Over 40 million people in the world today are living with HIV/AIDS. Every minute, five young people become infected with HIV/AIDS. AIDS has claimed the lives of over 16 million people. Last year, 5.6 million people became infected with HIV (2.3 million were women and 570,000 were children under the age of 15). Young adults aged 15-24 will account for over 50% of new HIV infections in coming years. Over 70 percent of HIV infections worldwide are the result of heterosexual transmission. (*Source: United Nations) YouthAIDS is a non-profit organization that concentrates their efforts in the mission to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS among 15-24 year olds in over 50 countries by educating on healthy living and by providing life-saving health products. (Their parent company, Populations Services International, has been a non-profit organization in the health industry for over 30 years fielding 90% of the funding directly to the cause.) Their goal is to reach more than 600 million youths with life saving messages and products.
Donation: 100% of profits
Nonprofit beneficiary: YouthAIDS
Use of funds: Stop the spread of HIV/AIDS by educating on healthy living and by providing life-saving health products
When: Ongoing

Oxfam America Unwrapped

Oxfam America works in 26 countries around the world. This catalog contains gift items that symbolically represent their work, such as, "Irrigate a Farmer's Land for Two Months," "Start a Village Savings Group," etc. The items selected represent project goals from grants disbursed by their seven offices around the world. The purchase of each gift item is a contribution toward Oxfam America's many programs, not a donation to a specific project or goal. A donation will be used where it is needed the most--to help people living in poverty throughout the world.

Donation: Various gifts

Nonprofit beneficiary: Oxfam America

Use of funds: Help people living in poverty throughout the world.

When: Ongoing

A Very Special Christmas

The first A Very Special Christmas® was released in 1987; since then, the incredibly successful series has raised more than US$55 million for Special Olympics — the most ever raised by a benefit series.
The A Very Special Christmas series got its start when producer Jimmy Iovine decided that a Christmas album would be a beautiful memorial to his father. His wife Vicki suggested that the album benefit Special Olympics, for which she was working as a volunteer. Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss (the "A" and "M" of A&M Records) helped make the first A Very Special Christmas album possible with an advance and a commitment to handle the record without taking any royalties, and Bobby Shriver signed on as a producer.
In order for Special Olympics to fulfill its mission to provide more and better sports training and competition opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities around the world, coaches, personnel and volunteers are necessary to make that happen. The Special Olympics Christmas Record Grant Program disburses album proceeds as grants for worthwhile and innovative training initiatives that encourage growth, enhance services, or provide creative new ways to advance the Special Olympics movement around the world. As an example, Unified Sports®, which takes Special Olympics to a new level with its focus on integration and inclusion, was originally funded through a Special Olympics Record Grant.

Company explanation:

Nonprofit beneficiary: Special Olympics

Use of funds: Funds the growth of Special Olympics Programs
When: Ongoing

Superman Dog Tag

Christopher Reeve redefined courage and hope. His strength, determination, and compassion inspired the world. Today, the Christopher Reeve Foundation proudly offers the Christopher Reeve Foundation Superman Dog Tag. This special offer is an opportunity to pay personal tribute to Christopher Reeve's incredible legacy. Wearing the Superman Dog Tag will help assure that Christopher's vision will Go Forward. Each order comes with one 24-inch chain and one clip, along with two Christopher Reeve Foundation Superman Dog Tags. So, the Superman Dog Tags can be worn around the neck, or clipped onto gear, sports equipment, purses, or book bags. The Superman Dog Tag is made of zinc alloy with a nickel plate. All proceeds from the sale of the Superman Dog Tags go to support the Christopher Reeve Foundation's ongoing research efforts leading to treatments and cures for paralysis.

Nonprofit beneficiary: Christopher Reeve Foundation

Use of funds: Support research for paralysis

When: Ongoing

The Relix Band

Relix and Azu Studio are proud to donate all profits from the Relix Band, jewelry handcrafted from authentic strings donated by acclaimed musicians, to the following non-profit organizations. Headcount: A non-partisan, not-for-profit organization devoted to voter registration and participation in democracy. Headcount was created in 2004 by a group of artists, music industry professionals and fans, all determined to make sure the live music community is well-represented at the polls. The Rex Foundation: Fostering the spirit of community service since 1983, The Rex Foundation provides community support to innovative creative endeavors in the arts, sciences and education across the United States and beyond that might otherwise be overlooked by mainstream funders. SEVA: For 27 years, Seva has served people around the world who are struggling for health, cultural survival and sustainable communities. They call it compassion in action. Rock'n'Wrap It Up!: Rock and Wrap It Up! Inc., is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the alleviation of hunger. They help to recover leftover resources and arrange for delivery to shelters. Working with the music industry, they teach band management how to use riders and contracts as harvesting tools for leftover backstage food. Participating artists may suggest additional charities near and dear to their hearts.

Donation: All profits from the Relix Band

Use of funds: Varies per non-profict

When: Ongoing

American Gulag Bracelet and Necklace Collection

In the former Soviet Union, people who disagreed with the government were thrown into secret prison camps called gulags, where they were tortured and often killed. Sound familiar? Yes, the gulag concept is alive and well, thanks to the U.S. government. The "War on Terror" is responsible for illegal imprisonment, torture and murder. With blatant disregard for domestic and international law, the U.S. government is effectively demolishing its democratic ideals.
Strike back against intimidation - Wear American Gulag
American Gulag is a series of bracelets and necklaces made of tough and durable rubber and stainless steel that simulate barbed wire. Why barbed wire? Because it symbolizes the government's barbaric dogma of physical and psychological imprisonment.

Donation: A portion of all sales will be donated to a human rights organization dedicated to fighting these injustices.

Nonprofit beneficiary: Various human rights organizations

Use of funds: Varies per non-profit

When: Ongoing

Simon Pink Ribbon Giftcard

Yesterday's snorkfest has left you feeling bloated and lazy. How can you shop for gifts when you can't even get your jeans up past your knees? A voice whispers: "Giftcards are the gifts that keep on giving." (The Ghost of Christmas Past--or maybe an undigested bit of turkey?) True, you think, but you hate the sideways looks you get from grateful but disappointed loved ones. Thankfully, Simon has the perfect story line to let you play Tiny Tim in a Scrooge nightshirt. The Simon Pink Ribbon Giftcard is good at all 15 Simon malls in Massachusetts, including some favorites: Copley Place, Atrium Mall and Wrentham Village Outlets. Best of all, for every card purchased, Simon will donate $1 to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. So stay in your sweatpants, nuke some leftovers and order your Simon Pink Ribbon Giftcards online. You're sure to hear another voice: "God bless us, everyone."

Donation: $1 per purchase at all 15 Simon malls in MA

Nonprofit beneficiary: Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

Use of funds: Support the fight against breast cancer.

When: Ongoing

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Add a Dollar, Plant a Tree

Sometimes a dollar doesn't sound like much. But at Eddie Bauer, this small change can buy a lot. When you "add a dollar" to the Eddie Bauer Global ReLeaf tree project, they will plant a new tree in North America on your behalf. It's part of the continuing partnership with American Forests to reforest areas that have been devastated by natural disasters and plant trees in and around urban areas. You can "Add a Dollar, Plant a Tree" through our catalog or on-line at Just ask to add $1 or more to your purchase total.

Since the "Add a Dollar, Plant a Tree" program began, Eddie Bauer has collected nearly $5 million. Their partnership with American Forests has created the most successful reforestation project by a non-forest-related business in the United States. Eddie Bauer also collected $500,000 to help fund the "Memorial Groves" program, which planted a tree in honor of every victim of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

1 tree planted in North America when $1 is added to customer’s purchase

Nonprofit beneficiary
: American Forests

Use of funds:
Reforest areas that have been devastated by natural disasters and plant trees in and around urban areas.


Love Is Not Abuse Accessories

Product: Love is not Abuse Bracelet
Since 1991 Liz Claiborne Inc. has been working to end domestic violence. Through its Love is not Abuse program, the company provides information and tools that men, women, children, teen, and corporate executives can use to learn more about the issue and find out how they can help end this epidemic.
Donation: 100% of profits from “Love Is Not Abuse” accessories

Nonprofit beneficiary: Family Violence Prevention Fund

Use of funds: Prevent violence within the home and in the community

When: Ongoing


Product: Yoplait Yorgurt
Even if we've never had to face breast cancer directly, we all share the burden it places on our hopes for a happy, healthy life. Yoplait also shares a desire to do something about it. So, at Yoplait®, they've committed themselves to the fight for a cure. They've always thought of Yoplait as an important piece of a happier, healthier life. For 18 years, they've played a part in women's health and well-being, promoting heart health, osteoporosis prevention and general fitness. But breast cancer is a tremendously important issue for all women. So, their contribution – and your help – feel especially critical. Once they reach this year's goal, Yoplait and General Mills will have donated over $15.5 million to the fight against breast cancer.

Company explanation:

Donation: 10 cents per yogurt lid

Nonprofit beneficiary: Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

Use of funds: Support the fight against breast cancer

When: Ongoing

TOMS Shoes

Product: TOMS Shoes

Inspired by an Argentine shoe and faced with the challenges of the continent's health and poverty issues, designer/chief shoe giver Blake Mycoskie created TOMS with a singular mission: To make life more comfortable. TOMS accomplishes this through its unique shoe and his commitment to match every pair purchased with a donated pair to a child in need.

Donation: For every pair bought, one pair is donated to a child in South America
Nonprofit beneficiary: n/a
Use of funds: Provide shoes for children in need
When: Ongoing

Tom's of Maine

Tom’s of Maine
The Tom's of Maine Giving for Goodness Grant Program
Tom's of Maine was founded on a heritage of philanthropy. Through our Giving for Goodness Grant Program, we have been committed to donating 10% of our pretax profits each year to charitable organizations and encouraging our employees to spend 5% of their paid work time volunteering in the community. Our belief in three central principles—inherent worthiness, sharing, and accountability—are reflected in our Mission and Statement of Beliefs.
We believe in supporting the inherent worth of an organization and recognize that people are the critical element in the success of a mission. For this reason, our grants focus on core mission and leadership development goals.

Company explanation:

Donation: 10% of pre-tax profits

Nonprofit beneficiary: Various non-profits, through grant application process

Use of funds: Varies per non-profit

When: Ongoing


Barbara's has a direct stake in the natural world and a growing commitment to Puffins. Over the past seven years, Barbara's has regularly contributed to Audubon's Project Puffin conservation efforts, and now through their new program, everyone can contribute to the preservation of the puffins' Maine habitat and help fund ongoing research.

In addition to their general support through Project Puffin, they've also adopted a total of 8 puffins. Your school, classroom, club or other organization can adopt and name its very own puffin. Just collect 250 box tops or UPC code flaps (found at the base of the box) from any Puffins cereal - Original, Cinnamon, Peanut Butter or Honey Rice - or their new Puffins Cereal & Milk Bars and send them to Barbara's Bakery. Through Audubon's program, they will adopt one puffin for one year. They will also post your organization's name, home town -- even a photo if you send them one -- on their website. Individuals can also participate by sending in box tops. They'll pool them until we have enough to adopt a puffin.

Company explanation:

Donation: One puffin is adopted for every 250 sent-in box tops.

Nonprofit beneficiary: Audubon’s Project Puffin

Use of funds: Protecting puffins

When: Ongoing

Monday, November 13, 2006

Working Assets

Working for Change
Every time a customer uses one of Working Assets' donation-linked services (Long Distance, Wireless and Credit Card), the company donates a portion of the charges to nonprofit groups working to build a world that is more just, humane, and environmentally sustainable. To date, over $50 million has been raised for progressive causes. The company also serves as a strong political force, dedicated to giving its customers the opportunity to speak out on critical public issues through its Web site and monthly phone bill.
Since 1985, Working Assets has generated over $50 million for progressive nonprofits, including Greenpeace, Doctors Without Borders, Planned Parenthood, Amnesty International and Project Vote, among many others. Each year Working Assets supports nonprofit groups in five categories: Economic & Social Justice, Environment, Civil Rights, Peace & International Freedom and Education & Freedom of Expression. Every year, a percentage of Working Assets' revenue is placed in a donations pool for annual distribution. Donations come from the top line (sales), not bottom-line (profits), therefore donations are made whether or not Working Assets makes a profit. Customers can nominate nonprofit groups to receive funding each year. Working Assets employees and board of directors select 50 groups for the annual donations ballot. At the end of the year, customers vote on how to distribute the donations among the groups. Customers can voluntarily "round up" their monthly long distance bills, donating the tax-deductible extra amount to Working Assets' general funding program. Working Assets also makes special appeals for round-ups, addressing immediate needs like emergency relief efforts.

Company explanation:

Donation: Portion of sales (not specified)

Nonprofit beneficiary: Various non-profits focusing on humanity and environmental sustainability

Use of funds: Varies per non-profit

When: Ongoing

illy caffe

illy caffe

illy caffe North America, inc. is proud to announce that it has become the premier coffee sponsor of Taste of the Nation and a national partner of Share our Strength. For the next five years, illy has committed 1% of its annual sales from the Hotel, Restaurant and Cafe markets. Taste of the Nation is the country's pre-eminent culinary benefit that fights hunger and poverty in the U.S. and abroad.

Share Our Strength is the nation's leading anti-hunger and anti-poverty organization that mobilizes individuals and industries to contribute their talent in the fight against hunger. Since 1984, Share Our Strength has supported more than 1,000 organizations that meet immediate needs for food assistance while investing in long-term solutions such as job training, economic development and advocacy. As part of its agreement with illy, Share Our Strength will ensure that no less than $25,000 of the Taste of the Nation international grant funds are distributed to hunger relief programs in Brazil. Illy is very involved in Brazil and has developed a special quality enhancement program for coffee growers which has improved their economic conditions as well as the value of the coffee grown.

Company explanation:

Donation: 1% of sales (Restaurant, Café, and Hotel)

Nonprofit beneficiary: Share our Strength

Use of funds: Support ending hunger

When: Ongoing

Organic Bouquet

Organic Bouquet
Organic Bouquet was formed in January 2001 with the goal to establish the national market for organic flowers. They have accomplished this by encouraging both small and large flower growers to initiate organic production while creating widespread trade and consumer awareness of the need for organic flowers. Their ultimate goal is to protect the environment and improve farm worker safety by eliminating millions of pounds of toxic pesticides from agricultural usage. Organic Bouquet believes it is their responsibility to demonstrate that business, social, and environmental interests can be successfully aligned. Their hope is to be a shining example of how the confluence of these interests can work to build a better and more sustainable future for all living beings of this beautiful planet.

Company explanation:

Donation: Portion of proceeds

Nonprofit beneficiary: Various non-profit organizations dedicated to social justice, wildlife conservation, animal rights, and environmental protection.

Use of funds: Varies per charity

When: Ongoing

Give and Shop
A safe and secure shopping site where half the proceeds go to charity. Here's how it works; first step is to choose a cause, you then choose a retailer which links you to their site. After shopping with the retailer at NO additional cost, half the commission earned from your purchase goes to charity.

Company explanation:

Donation: 50% of purchase

Nonprofit beneficiary: Various charities

Use of Funds: Varies per charity

When: Ongoing

Consumer Club is supporting hundreds of major national charities as well as thousands of local charities including advocacy groups, private schools and religious organizations. Together with your support can help raise tens of millions of dollars for nonprofit organizations. Every time you make a purchase via you can choose to send your rebate to the charity of your choice. You can select one of our many charity partners or select one of your favorite causes.

Company explanation:

Donation: Portion of purchase (unspecified)

Nonprofit beneficiary: Charity of customer’ choice

Use of funds: Varies per charity

When: Ongoing


Throughout 2006, Redken and b.cause, a not-for-profit organization that advances the charitable causes of salon owners and beauty industry professionals, will be joining forces to help put an end to hunger in our country by supporting America’s Second Harvest.

Donation: Portion of proceeds (unspecified)

Nonprofit beneficiary: America’s Second Harvest

Use of funds: Putting an end to hunger in America.

When: Throughout 2006