Monday, November 27, 2006

Superman Dog Tag

Christopher Reeve redefined courage and hope. His strength, determination, and compassion inspired the world. Today, the Christopher Reeve Foundation proudly offers the Christopher Reeve Foundation Superman Dog Tag. This special offer is an opportunity to pay personal tribute to Christopher Reeve's incredible legacy. Wearing the Superman Dog Tag will help assure that Christopher's vision will Go Forward. Each order comes with one 24-inch chain and one clip, along with two Christopher Reeve Foundation Superman Dog Tags. So, the Superman Dog Tags can be worn around the neck, or clipped onto gear, sports equipment, purses, or book bags. The Superman Dog Tag is made of zinc alloy with a nickel plate. All proceeds from the sale of the Superman Dog Tags go to support the Christopher Reeve Foundation's ongoing research efforts leading to treatments and cures for paralysis.

Nonprofit beneficiary: Christopher Reeve Foundation

Use of funds: Support research for paralysis

When: Ongoing