Monday, November 13, 2006

The Literacy Site

The Literacy Site
Remember the magic of your first book? Perhaps you were nestled in the arms of a parent, or sharing a giggle with a friend. Whatever your first memory of a book, books are a powerful tool; they stir the senses, inspire the imagination and spark a love of reading that can last a lifetime. But what of children who have no books? The Literacy Site gives you a way to share the magic of books and promote the love of reading among children who might otherwise never discover the joy of their first book.

Your click on the red "Fund Books For Kids" button at The Literacy Site generates books for children in need, funded by site sponsors and provided through our award winning charity partner, First Book. First Book has distributed more than 40 million books to children in hundreds of communities.

The number of books they put in children's hands depends on the number of visitors who click the "Fund Books For Kids" button on The Literacy Site. Please click every day, and encourage friends and family members to do the same.

Company explanation:

Donation: 1% of a book per click online; Funds generated per item purchased online (amount not specified)

Nonprofit beneficiary: First Book

Use of funds: Give children from low-income families the opportunity to read and own their first new books.

When: Ongoing