Monday, November 13, 2006

Good Magazine

Good Magazine
The magazine is doing this because 1) it’s smart business and 2) they believe in this. Let the secret be known—most magazines do not make money on subscriptions or newsstand sales. Traditionally, the best way to get a bunch of new subscribers is to send millions of pieces of unsolicited mail – junk mail – to people who might have some interest. They don't like junk mail, and they don't like the thought of spending millions of dollars on it. So they came up with the idea of giving away all subscription fees and allowing subscribers to choose which organization they would like to support.

This whole thing is an experiment. If it works, they'll actually spend less than half of what it traditionally costs to acquire subscribers. The success of this campaign will allow the magazine to: a) meet a self-selecting group of quality subscribers who find them through word of mouth, internet links, media coverage, our partner organizations, or the other crazy schemes we like to come up with; b) raise significant money for organizations that will do something important with it; and c) save resources and prove that you can do well by doing good.

The goal for their launch year is to create 6 amazing issues of GOOD, sign up 50,000 subscribers and donate $1 million to their favorite organizations.

Company explanation:

Donation: $20

Nonprofit beneficiary: Organization of subscriber’s choice

Use of funds: n/a

When: Through mid-2007