Monday, November 13, 2006

Bond No. 9 “Scent of Peace”

One woman's perfume is another's eau de toilette. What's a guy to do? Bond No. 9's new Scent of Peace may be just what the love doctor ordered. Whether she sighs or gags after the first whiff, you're sure to make love, not war when she hears your purchase of Scent of Peace will help usher in peace on earth. Bond No. 9 is donating two dollars from each bottle sold to UNICEF. You won't even have to cross enemy lines to buy Scent of Peace at one of Bond No. 9's four New York City stores. It's available locally at Saks Fifth Avenue.You say your lover prefers au naturale and pays the bills by selling arms to the Congo? No problem. Scent of Peace is also a cologne.

Company explanation:

$2 per bottle

Nonprofit beneficiary:

Use of funds: Improve the lives of children around the world.